We are proud of our long history, and the same entrepreneurial spirit that drove our founder is still alive today, driving our continued focus on innovation and excellence.

Carl Norgren

We have focused on providing innovation right from our start in the early 20th century when pioneer Carl Norgren founded his air preparation business in his kitchen in Denver, Colorado.

He went on to practically invent an entire industry when in 1927 he sketched what was to become the world’s first lubricator.

We continue to strive to be at the forefront of air preparation technology and our world-class products continue to improve performance and productivity.


Entrepreneur, Carl Norgren sketches out a system designed to solve a customer's maintenance and lubrication problems with air tools and equipment. This rough drawing resulted in the world's first inline lubricator.


In 1972, the Norgren family sold the business to IMI plc, forming the IMI fluid power division. IMI plc traces its heritage back to entrepreneur George Kynoch who opened a percussion cap factory in Witton, Birmingham in 1862.


Watson Smith, a specialist in pneumatic pressure control technology based in Leeds, was acquired in 1985.


The acquisition of Martonair in 1986 significantly increases the size of IMI’s fluid power division, and contributes significantly to our pneumatic actuator and valve product portfolio. The acquisition of Bristol-based Webber was completed in the same year.


In 1996 US-based ISI Automation is acquired and is added to the Norgren group of companies.


In 1997 Buschjost and Herion were acquired by IMI and joined the Norgren group of companies.


In 1998, IMI acquired KIP, a manufacturer of solenoid valves, level controls and flow switches.


In 2004, Fluid Automation System of Switzerland was acquired, a leader in miniature solenoid valves.


In 2005, the acquisition of US companies Syron and GT Development further strengthened the Auto In-Plant and Commercial Vehicles product portfolio.


In 2007 IMI acquired Kloehn, a leading US provider of specialist pumping and fluid handling systems for the medical sector.


In 2008 IMI acquire the Truflo Group, a leading specialist in valves and related flow control products. Thompson Valves, including their Maxseal solenoid valve portfolio, IMF and GHR join the Norgren group of companies.


IMI acquire Adsorbent Media Tube (AMT) technology from nano-porous solutions limited (n-psl) in 2013.


As part of a commitment to creating a truly  world-class company, IMI brings all of its Norgren business - which include Buschjost, FAS, Thompson Valves, Kloehn and IMI Webber - into a newly branded division: IMI Precision Engineering.


In 2018, IMI acquired Bimba, a leading US manufacturer of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators; valves; fittings; vacuum products; air preparation and a variety of safety and production solutions.